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Santorini Island

 Departure time Rethymno: 08:00

Departure time from Santorini: 17:30 

The tours in Santorini will take place in the following languages: English-French-German- 

Italian-Russian-Polish. (Czech and Hungarian depending on demand)

The programme is the following

Arrival at Santorini: Our guides will assist travelers to board on their bus and during the ride they will provide them information regarding the culture and the history of the island. 

1st stop on Oia. The travelers will spend some free time and will enjoy the unique view. 

2st stop: Fira. The travelers will explore the picturesque alleys, shop or they will simply gaze over the view and the magnificent cliffs of the Caldera. After having completed their visit in Fira, the following options are available : 

         ·         Fira. The travelers can either remain in the beautiful capital of the island.

·         Beach of Perissa and Perivolos. They may enjoy the swimming in the magnificent black beach of Perissa

·         Volcano tour. Traditional Aegean-style small boats will take them to the volcano site (extra charge pay on board)

 Extra Charge for transfer: 

Available dates: 01/05/2019 to 20/10/2019
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Price: 160€ per person
Pickup places and times
Bali Church (Bali Beach, Sofia Mythos, Bali Star etc.) 05:30
Bali Mare (Filion, Gorgona etc.) 05:30
Panormo School Bus stop (Captain House, Iliana, Kirki) 05:45
Europa Htl / Panormo (Stella Beach etc.) 05:55
Kavros Bus stop (Mythos Palace, Vantaris Palace, Silver B. etc.) 06.25
Creta Star Htl. Bus station / Scaleta (Gortyna Htl, Oassis etc.) 06:05
Stavromenos Bus statin (Alkionis, Thalassi etc.) 06:10
Taverna Dimitris / Sfakaki (Danaos, Golden Coast etc.) 06:10
El Greco main road/ Pigianos Kampos (Alkion, White Palace etc.) 06:15
Giorgioupolis Coffee Shop Grigoris (Ferniki, Corrissia etc.) 06:15
Pilot Htl Bus Station (Mare Mondo etc.) 06:20
Creta Palace / Missiria (Main Road) 06:40
Atsipopoulos Bus station (Pantheon) 06:45
Olympic Paladium (Town Hall) 07:00
Aquila Rithyma /Adelianos Kampos (Orion, Golden Sun etc.) 6:25
Maravel Land (Joan Beach, Sea Front etc.) 6:25
Golden Beach (Palladion Htl., Georgiana etc.) 6:30
BP gaz station Platanes (Creta Residence, Minos Mare etc.) 6:40
Theartemis (Atrium, Lefkonikos, Bella Mare etc.) 6:45
Porto Rethymno (Kriti, Bio etc.) 6:45
Flisvos Hotel / Perivolia (Emilia Apts, Daizy, Olympia etc. ) 6:45
Ideon Hotel (in front of / Rimondi, Fortezza etc.) 6:55

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