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Chrissi Island

INCLUDED: Guide, Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses, pick up service

EXTRA: Boat ticket to Chrissi 16€, Entrance to Chrissi 1€

Become a Robinson for one day on the desert island of "Chrissi" or "Golden Island".

Chrissi Island Tour Overview

Our adventure starts in the beautiful cty of Ierapetra, our first stop, which is located on the southern coast of the island.

From here, a short boat trip takes us to the secluded island of Chrissi. During the journey, we are often accompanied by yellow-legged gulls and dolphins that enjoy the magic of the Libyan Sea, until we finally drop anchor to the “Island”, as the locals are used to calling it.

Chrissi is a secluded, isolated, almost tropical island on the most southern end of Crete. The peacefulness of this unique ecosystem are bound to steal your heart and make you daydream.

What you can admire in Chrissi Island

·      The pristine beaches,

·      the myriads of shell fossils,

·      limpets and corals,

·      the shallow crystal clear waters,

·      the cedar forest,

·      the fine reddish sand with the mosses and lichens,

·      the old salt marsh,

·      the Roman carved tombs,

·      the small church of St. Nicolas



Available dates: 20/04/2019 to 30/10/2019
Days: Tuesday,Thirthday,Sunday
Price: 26€ per person
Pickup places and times
Fodele Beach N.R 07:00
Angel Village (Agia Pelagia) 07:15
Athina Palace (Agia Pelagia) 07:15
Panorama (Agia Pelagia) 07:15
Capsis (Agia Pelagia) 07:15
Peninsula (Agia Pelagia) 07:15
Vanisco Hotel (Ammoudara) 07:25
Vagia B/S (Ammoudara) 07:25
Candia Maris (Ammoudara) 07:25
Creta Beach (Ammoudara) 07:25
Santa Marina (Ammoudara) 07:25
Dolphin Bay (Ammoudara) 07:25
Roxani (Ammoudara) 07:25
Minoa (Ammoudara) 07:25
Apollonia (Ammoudara) 07:25
Astoria (Heraklion) 07:30
Historical Museum (Heraklion) 07:30
Gournes Church 07:45
Rinela (Gournes) 07:45
Hatzis B/S (Gournes) 07:45
Knossos Beach (Gournes) 07:45
Arina Sand (Gournes) 07:45
Minoan Palace (Gournes) 07:45
Karteros Hotel (Gournes) 07:45
Amirandes B/S (Gouves) 07:55
Despo B/S (Gouves) 07:55
Island Reception (Gouves) 07:55
Afroditi Road (Gouves) 07:55
Marina B Road (Gouves) 07:55
Lavrris (Gouves) 07:55
Kyvelia B/S (Gouves) 07:55
Europa (Analypsi) 08:05
Caldera Corner (Analypsi) 08:05
Nikos Beach (Analypsi) 08:05
Stella Village (Analypsi) 08:05
(Analypsi) B/S 08:05
Serita Beach (Anissaras) 08:15
Lasithi Cross (Anissaras) 08:15
Anissa Beasch (Anissaras) 08:15
Zorbas Hotel (Anissaras) 08:15
Chrissi Amoudia (Anissaras) 08:20
Knossos Royal (Anissaras) 08:20
Annabele (Anissaras) 08:20
Cretan Village (Anissaras) 08:20
Laguna Recept (Anissaras) 08:20
S/M Manolis (Anissaras) 08:20
Elite S/M (Hersonisos) 08:25
Creta Maris (Hersonisos) 08:25
Belvedere B/S (Hersonisos) 08:30
Silva Beach (Hersonisos) 08:30
ATE Bank (Hersonisos) 08:30
Spar S/M (Hersonisos) 08:30
Town Hall (Hersonisos) 08:30
Blue Sea Hotel (Stalis) 08:35
Nana B/S (Stalis) 08:35
Mediteraneo (Stalis) 08:35
Alexander Beach (Stalis) 08:40
Cactus Royal (Stalis) 08:40
Anthousa (Stalis) 08:40
Mochos Cross (Stalis) 08:40
Stalis B/S 08:40
Sirens (Malia) 08:45
Malia Bay 08:45
Ikaros (Malia) 08:45
Ambrosia (Malia) 08:45
Drosia (Malia) 08:45
Maritimo Corn (Sissi) 08:55

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